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LAUNCH DATE - 09.12.22

Beyond The Vines joined a suite of global brands to breathe new life into materials sourced from retired Singapore Airlines (SIA) aircraft. These materials included seat belts and life vests from commercial A380 planes that otherwise may have been discarded.

The brand transformed 600 life vests and over 350 seat belts from decommissioned aircrafts and gave them an entirely new function by incorporating parts of each into two of its star products from the Crunch Carrier series, resulting in one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Life vests from the Singapore Airlines planes were deconstructed, with their core fabric and trims used on panels of the iconic, roomy, packable carriers. True to the brand’s ethos of creating utilitarian products, this special release of the Crunch Carrier series came in a Mini and Mega rendition. They feature an inner pocket flap, a snap tab and is packable by rolling it up and fastening it with a clip fashioned from a Singapore Airlines seat belt. With panels coloured in bright and bold hues of navy, olive and lilac with orange trims, these colours were handpicked to complement SIA’s signature colours.

Offcuts from the life vests were repurposed into complementary key tags, featuring a D-ring and a carabiner. The everyday accessory is seen in navy blue trimmings paying homage to the world’s most awarded airline, enabling fans & enthusiasts alike to bring a piece of Singapore Airlines’ aviation history on their adventures.


Each and every piece in the collection is unique, with varying prints and colour; small blemishes bear witness to the plane’s long history and are an authentic reminder of days over the clouds.

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