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Beyond The Vines ION Orchard’s new outlet rethinks the store of the future

By Singapore News Live on 11 May 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, many companies closed because they couldn’t keep up with the changing times. But that’s not the case with the local label Beyond The Vines. Last week, the brand recently opened the door to ION Orchard’s latest outlets. This is the first of Beyond The Vines Design Post.

Conceptualized as a facility to showcase future collaboration projects and house lifestyle products, the 200-square-foot store paved the way for the brand’s first new space following the “post office.” You read that right. Basically, it’s people from all walks of life, all strangers with messages, places to cross, meet, and depart. And if you look closely, the store sees applications in different visual languages ​​– it has been translated with great care for the store and its products.

As the brand celebrates its sixth anniversary this year, the newly opened stores include some of the brand’s most iconic products, from film cameras to Nalgene water bottles, as well as exclusive stores. Here are some of our favorites.

In 2021, it can be said that the Dumpling bag from Beyond The Vines has enjoyed a surge of crazy popularity. It is now adored by people who tote designer bags on the regular as it is by people who really, just want a bag to fit their things. Creatives are as obsessed with it as people who crunch numbers for a living. 

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