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The Beyond The Vines For Pokémon Collection Sees Pikachu-Inspired Dumpling Bags And Utilitarian Wear

By Nylon on 13 Feb 2023


Unpopular opinion perhaps, but we’ll never tire of Pokémon collaborations, no matter how numerous and extensive they may be. From sneakers to tech gear, and even aircraft, Pikachu’s iconic silhouette is constantly zipping across apparel and more — so why not this nostalgic team-up with one of our favourite local labels, Beyond The Vines?

Known for their cult-favourite dumpling bags, and a keen design ethos that prizes utilitarian and minimalist wear, there is nothing cheesy about the design studio’s 21-piece Pokémon collection that reimagines apparel, accessories and lifestyle items for both adults and kids, all done in their own terms. Think effortless off-duty Pokémon trainer style.

The exclusive Pokémon collection pays homage to six beloved pocket monsters — Charizard, Eevee, Gengar, Jigglypuff, Mew and Pikachu — which we no doubt want to collect in their various forms, starting with the much-anticipated Dumpling Bag.

We’ll be getting colourblock XS Dumpling Bags each inspired by a different Pokémon; black and yellow for the electric-type Pikachu, brown and cream to represent the just-as-beloved Eevee, and blush and teal to suit the sweet tones of Jigglypuff’s song. These are accompanied by the names of each Pokémon woven on the product label, along with its Pokédex number, height and weight, for a more utilitarian touch.

Elsewhere in the bag aisle, we’re also eyeing the special-edition Micro Dumpling in black, set with a reflective Pikachu print and Pokémon label on the front pocket, as well as the versatile Canvas Carryall in 01 and 03 sizes.

On to apparel, boxy t-shirts, for instance, are simply adorned with a black product label patch on the front, while the feisty trio of Gengar, Mew and Pikachu feature on the back of each of the three designs. Nylon caps and reversible bucket hats allow one to rep your fandom from head to toe, where the latter is a lightweight, water-resistant design finished with a large Pikachu label stitched on one side.

If you’d like to spring for more accessories to further signal your Pokémon obsession, there are glass cups, camp chairs, and even two matte black skate decks crafted from precious maple wood. Time to collect ’em all then, and if you’re heading down to the store, guess we’ll smell ya later!

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